Wednesday, April 3, 2013

{Travel Diary} A Day in San Jose

My first trip to northern cali was an eventful one! Despite the chilly weather, something about palm trees and sunny skies brings me so much peace and I was determined to spend most of my time outdoors.  Our day was filled with shopping, sight seeing, fun a The Tech museum and lots of food! Below are a few pictures I snapped throughout the day. 
The food at the Good Karma vegan cafe was delicious!  I tried a little bit of everything- the tofu scramble, coconut thai curry, brown rice and a green salad. I definitely want to try to recreate some of these dishes at home.
Santana Row was the place to shop! Lots of retail stores and restaurants. Although I do tend to favor local boutiques and vintage stores, we just didn't have time to go searching for them.
The infamous Bisoux "Hold On" ring, one of my favorites!
Yummy lunch compliments of my Manmie. Sautéed tofu, brown rice, avocado and a watercress salad. 
Manmie and I having fun at The Tech Museum
We copped tickets to the showing of "To The Arctic" at the IMAX theatre, an insightful documentary revealing the lives of a mother polar bear and her two cubs living off the arctic sea.  Because of global warming, they can no longer depend on floating sheets of ice to hunt for fish off coast and they struggle to survive. It was truly insightful and pretty sad. Did you know that male polar bears will eat cubs if their hungry enough? The whole movie the mother bear and her cubs are running from a hungry male bear, I couldn't believe it! A must see if you ever get a chance.
Outfit of the day: Bisoux Spike Cone necklace, Michelle Robinson "Helping Hand" tee,  Deena & Ozzy flats .

That's all! 
Happy hump day!

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