Thursday, January 31, 2013

Muse Potential

No matter what I'm up to, I'm always subconsciously on the lookout for my next Bisoux muse or street style capture. I couldn't help but stop mid-transaction at Urban Outfitters to take a picture of the checkout girl! (I'm kicking myself for forgetting her name). What striking features! I'm also digging her unique, care free sense of style. I will definetly be keeping her on my radar! 

PS-I went to San Jose over the weekend, what fun! Photo diary coming soon.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

LUV, A Must See!

I went to go see the much anticipated independant film LUV yesterday; a story of a boy, Woody (newcomer Michael Rainey Jr)  living with his grandmother in the Baltimore suburbs whose life takes a dramatic turn when his Uncle Vincent (Common), an ex-convict who is trying to get his life together, takes him under his wing for a day. It all starts off well as Vincent gives him pointers on how to dress, get girls, and make legitimate business transactions; although the day takes a turn for the worse as Vincent's past catches up with him. The story unfolds as Vincent, a loving but misguided mentor,  continues to impose on Woody his corrupt view of what it takes to be a man. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Daniel Fast

Fresh, raw juices from The Juice Room

Happy (read: belated) 2013!!! I wanted to share with you all something I've been led to do for the past two years in an attempt to get the new year started off on the good foot: The Daniel's Fast. This is the best way, for me, to make sure I'm starting 2013 off spiritually centered, attain mental clarity, and keep focused on the tasks I feel led pursue. 

The purpose of the Daniel Fast  is to create an environment in my mind, my heart, my spirit,
 and  personal space,  in which I am able to focus soley on seeking pleasure through my relationship with Christ; which in turn makes me more apt to hearing from nothing but Him, while other, less "Godly" (if you will) temptations are completely eliminated; so that I have nothing else to "fall back on" if I lose focus. There are many reasons why someone would want to embark on this three week fast, but for the sake of the length (and your attention) of this post, I will be focusing on why the diet aspect of The Daniel Fast is especially beneficial. 

avocado rolls with brown rice

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Solange In The House

Went to see Solange in concert a couple weeks ago at Union Transfer here in Philly and was pleasantly suprised at her talent as a vocalist and performer! Her stage presence compliments her whole vibe, care-free and fun, and I couldnt help but giggle when she would spontaneously bust a move mid song. Definetly a must see! 

Also, if you havent heard her new album True you are missing out in life. Get back on that good foot via iTunes or Spotify!

By the way, sorry for the blurry picture quality, took these on my iPhone via Instagram, you can follow me here.

In other news, I'm starting the Daniel's fast tomorrow, which means no meat, dairy, wheat or processed food for the next 21 days! Ahhh! Pray for me, I'll be posting details on that soon.

HAPPY 2013!!!!!!