Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Day In The Life

As spring is shyly (and painfully...slowly) revealing her beauty to us I thought I'd give her a little nugde of encouragement by basking in her presence via a walk in the neighborhood, although it was still a little on the chilly side. I braced it with a leather sleeved varsity jacket I bought last fall that I never got to wear since we didn't really get a chance to entertain fall this year as winter selfishly imposed itself right after our beloved summer.
Im a very visual person and take pictures of things constantly- flyers, memos, objects of desire to be purchased at later dates (i.e. when the wallet will allow), store displays, of meals to recreate, outfits to swaggerjack, potential get the picture (Ha! See what I did there? Pats self on back for my unintentional intended punt). I've been thinking about posting some of the pics I take on a random day on this blog, because otherwise they're lost and forgotten in the infinity scroll that is my iPhoto app. 

I can't seem to walk by the Lil' Pop Shop without grabbing a treat. This pineapple basil concoction was heavenly! I usually rotate between this one and coconut hibiscus. 
As stated before I've been in a creative funk lately, so it was hard to decide between which book to get. Do I want to cultivate the potential artist or writer inside of me? I wanted both but I'm a little weary of buying books because 1. I'm gonna run out of places to store them. I need to get me a kindle or something and 2. I'm terrible at finishing books. I'm ready to buy the next one with a good 2-3 chapters left in the current one. I never know the endings to the stories I read. Right now I'm breezing through Home by Toni Morrison which is spectacular so far and I'm determined to make it to the last page.
Bookstores are my favorite. I was flipping through the latest Aperture Magazine at the Penn bookstore and was intrigued by the images on these two pages. Theres nothing better than art that pulls you in like that. I wish I had noted the photographers.
While at the Penn bookstore I picked up my favorite travel magazine AFAR and the much talked about bestseller The Alchemist. Let's see what all the hype is about, I heard it's a life changer! 
It's National Poetry Month! Above is a little haiku by one of my favorites, Sonia Sanchez.
I ended up buying the 642 Things To Write About book versus the drawing one. I also picked up a cute vintage inspired mirror I can't wait to use! 
On another note, is anyone else tired of these "hey black girl in relationship crisis let me help you figure me out/your perspective is all wrong" type books? Men really aren't that complicated. It's all about following your intuition ladies, and don't settle. If you feel like a man is playing games, he probably is. You can save yourself a lot of time and heartache by dating a God fearing man, someone with MORALS. I know, I know, easier said than done but trust me he is worth the wait. Also I'd love to see some books focused on helping guys figure us out how about THAT! The only self-help books for men I seem to come across are focused on how to get a woman into bed. Womp to that!

And finally, I ended the day by overstuffing myself with a Chipotle burrito. 

God is good. 

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