Monday, June 3, 2013

Snapping Streetstyle At The Roots Picnic + Weekend Fun #PhillyPhrolicking

On Saturday I snapped a few street style pictures for Rockin' That Bling, the jewelry blog I co-run with my sister, while hanging out with some friends from D.C. who were #phillyphrolivanting for the weekend. What an awesome day! As stated before street style is probalby my favorite type of photography to shoot. The natural lighting, chasing after a stylish subject that catches your eye,  meeting new people. It's such a rush! I was especially excited to try out the 85 mm f/1.4D lens I rented from and OH.MY.GOSH. The quality of the photos were amazing! Look at that bokeh! Puts my kit lens to shame. This lens even takes amazing pictures at night! It's mine for the next four weeks and I can't wait to play around some more with it!

We only stayed at the roots picnic for about an hour. Makeup was literally was melting off my face, it was sooo hot that day! Plus we were hungry and the food vendors were womptastic at best. After Solange's performance (she killed it, again!) we headed out to Sabrina's for lunch, then to the vintage wine bar to chill for a while and Valanni for dessert (where I had my first fried oreo- an orgasmic experience, I tell you. Also their granny smith apple bread pudding will make you weak in the knees). 

Next timetime I do street style I will probaly try a 55 mm lense. I felt like I had to get so far away from the subject to fit them in the frame, and the crowded area really limited me.  

So happy summer and music festival season is here! Stay tuned for my recipe for spicy mac n' cheese, which also happens to be vegan and gluten free. You can thank me later ;-P

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