Friday, June 7, 2013

Red Couch Living Room

So I just bought this beautiful, RED, heart-shaped couch for my living room on a whim. I was actually looking for something more neutral, like a brown or beige, to match the color palette I have going on, but when I saw this couch (on sale!) at Raymore and Flannigan the other day impulsivity took over and...I bought it! Now the does one decorate around such an obnoxious color? It's so...loud. Beautiful, but loud. I decided to embark on a cyberspace hunt for inspirations and made a pinterest board (I looove pinterest for stuff like this)!  I'm thinking...Africa, vintage, west indies, bright colors, greens and oranges, plants, mixed print pillows, wall art, serenity, elegance. Does that make sense? 

So these rooms come pretty close to the idea I have in my head so far!

And now, what I have to work with...

Any recommendations?

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