Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ocean City Travel Diary, con't...

Part deux as promised! Most of these pictures were taken on my android phone. I really wanted to highlight Serendipity Bed and Breakast where I stayed, in which I found an awesome deal on Living Social, as stated before. Karen, the "madame of the house" I'll call her, did an amazing job catering to my mostly vegan diet. The room I stayed in was cozy and humble. 

 I've always loved this little poem. When I saw this hanging in the bedroom I knew I had picked the right place.

I always have a stack of something on my wrist. The believe bracelet will be in our shop soon. The other two are vintage.

There was a corvette show going on the day I arrived which was pretty cool. 

Infamous bathroom shot. 

Fresh fruit and a dairy free muffin which was delicious. 

 A yummy tofu scramble with toast, peppermint tea and orange juice. 

I'm already longing for the sun in my face, alone time with the Lord with no distractions and boardwalk food. And it's only been a week since I've been back. 

Read my previous entry, part I, here.


  1. ok...that believe bracelet is so cute! where is it from??

    1. Hey hun! The bracelet will be in our shop soon (in the next 3 weeks!) Go visit us at! Thx for the support!

  2. Vanessa - so glad you enjoyed your time at Serendipity! The bathroom shot is great and I loved how you described the room :) I am hoping to run another Living Social Escape in the Fall so look for it!
    Karen - AKA "Madame of the House"

    1. Karen! I've been praying for you and the house! I hope all is well and recovered! I'll definitely be looking forward to that living social deal! Can't wait to come back =)