Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hanging Out with Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist + Mango Fashion

I had the awesome opportunity to participate in a press conference hosted by Mango Fashion that was live streamed through youtube and Google + Hangout this morning...at 3:30 am (Barcelona is 6 hours ahead of us!) Each of us live streamers, inlcuding representatives from GQ Italy, GQ Germany, and several bloggers were able to ask Scott one question. I asked Scott what his favorite camera and lense was to shoot with (pretty typical photographer question, right? lol). Peep my question and his answer around the 50 min mark, I'm the girl with the fro' on the bottom right.

I was happy to see that he doesn't get too bent up about camera equipment, although he does use the popular Cannon Mark D; that it's the emotion you get out of the image is what really matters. He even stated he would publish a phone camera image if he felt it was good. I feel like am even bigger fan now!

Here's the link to the press conference on youtube and check out my last post about Scott Schuman {here}.

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